Inspiring a tablet app for presenters

The My Polls page is the highest viewed page on Poll Everywhere's site.  Upon sign up or logging in, customers get their first impression of the product.  With our marketing team refreshing our overall brand, our job was to create an experience that reflected our new look.

This was a long standing idea that I conveyed to the product team as a vision of the future when we were restructring how our new multi-question polls would work.  Bits and pieces were taken from this design at that time, and other teams had seen value in its design, so they used it as a building block when developing our tablet app for presenters, which has just launched into a customer beta.


Updating the look and feel of the main product page, while being thoughtful of its current functionality.

expanding and collapsing

Presenting on tablet

Collaborating on the implementation, and with tweaks along the way, this is what was shipped out and is currently in beta.

You can try it out by signing up

singularity tablet v3